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The Project I have been working on subconsciously for years, which I mentioned in my previous post is now finished.

--- The Hyper Surreal Fractalic Mystical Chess set - My Masterpieces ---

The full set is a play in 7 acts about humanity, the evolution and the quest for knowledge through enlightenment and superfluity until the day when mankind finally became the plague of the planet.

A chess set immensely more surreal than Max Ernsts, Marcel Duchamps and Dalís sets.

Chess was made to be played with pieces of pure fractal mathematics, I now know that!

Fractal Chess Set - 3D printed - The Surreal Game by MANDELWERK

Surreal Fractal Chess Set -Masterpieces- The King by MANDELWERK
The King
- Louis XIV as the Gardens of Versailles -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Queen by MANDELWERK

The Queen
Maria Theresa while wearing The Hall of Mirrors -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Bishops by MANDELWERK
The Bishops
Tycho Brahes Cosmological Cranium -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Knight by MANDELWERK
The Knight
The Tumorous Horse -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Rook by MANDELWERK
The Rook
- Mysterium Cosmographicum Fractalium - The tower of Kepler -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Pawn by MANDELWERK
The Pawn
- The infinitely replicating slugs of ignorance - Pawn of Slugs -

Surreal Fractal 3D printed Chess - The SET - IRL by MANDELWERK

The SET - At home at last...


All the pieces can be ordered here:…

The board is still under construction...

A big thanks to the beautiful minds, the mathematicians who made up all the 3D fractal formulas I have used for this set. Karl Menger, Bernhard Riemann, (and msltoe), Doug Bristor, Tom Lowe, Daniel White, Paul Nylander …and many many others.
And of course Jesse and Luca G for providing the tools to transform the formulas into real world objects!


Johan Andersson
Harvesting the infinite fields of virtual surreality in the parallel cosmos of 3D fractals.

Take a look at my 3D printed 3D fractal sculptures and jewelry at Shapeways:…

My Spotify playlist:…


Kaleidoscopic Fractal Virus Pendant Silver by MANDELWERK
Kaleidoscopic Fractal Virus Pendant Silver
I have shown you this 3D printed beauty before:
Kaleidoscopic Fractal Virus - 3D printed in Bronze by MANDELWERK

I just had to order it in silver for myself, and today I had a good photosession with it- look at those details! Click for HIGH RES VIEW!!!

Remember it is only 1.4 in (3.5 cm) in diameter.

Mandelbulb 3D > Fiji > Meshlab > Netfabb > Shapeways > Amazed customer.

Order your own copy here:
3D printed Fractal - Libidinis Hexagonis Albidus by MANDELWERK
3D printed Fractal - Libidinis Hexagonis Albidus
3D printed fractal sculpture
Fractalic erotic coaptation of Helen of Troy, Echo, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hephaistos and Narcissus.
Feel the Hexagonal Lust pouring out from this four dimensional Sierpinsky Love Triangle

This is not your average 3D printed 3D fractal this is a true Matherotic Object
- Never before touched by man, only the mysterious 3D printing technology could make it Touchable!

Today I release this extremely detailed print in "White Strong and Flexible" material - and in the slightly less detailed "Full Color Sandstone" material.


Lots of images + 3D view and availabe to order in my shop:…
Slice of Spine - 3D printed Bracelet - Metalcote by MANDELWERK
Slice of Spine - 3D printed Bracelet - Metalcote
If you remember this... The second 3D print ever of a part from the inside of the mandelbulb... Part of the "Spine"!
Slice of Spine -Two Vertebrae -3D printed Bracelet by MANDELWERK

This weekend I experimented with painting it with Metalcote, that paint is my new friend!

Raw, white version available in my shop (and lots of images of it):
Kaleidoscopic Trees Pendant - 3D printed in Bronze by MANDELWERK
Kaleidoscopic Trees Pendant - 3D printed in Bronze
A simple rotation in space of a geometric fractal results in organic shapes we recognice from nature.

This is a fractal class called Kaleidoscopic iterated function systems, now materialized and possible to wear as a pendant.

Shapeways did a great work printing and casting it - the level of detail is truly amazing!

Mandelbulb3D > Fiji > > Meshlab > Netfabb > Shapeways > your neck.

You can order your own copy at my shop at Shapeways:





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44aboriginny2014 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been hoping to find your site since I saw one of your art pieces on the mandelbulb v.2.02 site a few month's ago.  Your chess pieces are well 'mind boggling, and awesome.
Your like the fractal master,
freaking people out,  trying to figure out
how you made that
with that fractal generator!!!!!!!!
MANDELWERK Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
:) Thank you for all your comments Jonathan!

What site is that the "mandelbulb v.2.02 site"? You mean fractalforums?

I have been doing this for a while, takes a lot of time and experience.
44aboriginny2014 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I found your work posted by "the dark horse" but I have been searching and can't find the same site again. My search engine is alway's keeping me guessing by pulling similar site's but not the same in the same order so I save the pages to my gig-stick and save them on my computer at my apartment that I don't have internet with yet{patience}. I am limited to the time I can put on the computer so some 'trick's' to surfing the web I haven't started to employ.

I'm intrigued greatly with the fractal generator's. What is true for one formula isn't with another. Discovering this and the difference's is aggravating  but oddly intellectually gratifying. Not like the old "rubic's cube". Because I do create something that I can call art eventually after combining analytical skills and then an artistic eye, then the 'title'. 'freaking fun'
I love the part when the cat walks through the gif. 'Way cool'
"if I had the money, I'd probably by a chess set with your creations as pieces"
Have you ever read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? I'm not stuck on getting from point a to point b , point c often helps me to smile and take my time. it is kinda a meditation.
MANDELWERK Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
I do think they posted some of my works a while ago.

I have read it, very good books!

You could always buy one piece of the set... ;)

Thank you for all your comments Jonathan!
dark-beam Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student Artist
Seahorses do exist!!! (with param) by dark-beam

Come and see? :aww:
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