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The Project I have been working on subconsciously for years, which I mentioned in my previous post is now finished.

--- The Hyper Surreal Fractalic Mystical Chess set - My Masterpieces ---

The full set is a play in 7 acts about humanity, the evolution and the quest for knowledge through enlightenment and superfluity until the day when mankind finally became the plague of the planet.

A chess set immensely more surreal than Max Ernsts, Marcel Duchamps and Dalís sets.

Chess was made to be played with pieces of pure fractal mathematics, I now know that!

Fractal Chess Set - 3D printed - The Surreal Game by MANDELWERK

Surreal Fractal Chess Set -Masterpieces- The King by MANDELWERK
The King
- Louis XIV as the Gardens of Versailles -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Queen by MANDELWERK

The Queen
Maria Theresa while wearing The Hall of Mirrors -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Bishops by MANDELWERK
The Bishops
Tycho Brahes Cosmological Cranium -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Knight by MANDELWERK
The Knight
The Tumorous Horse -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Rook by MANDELWERK
The Rook
- Mysterium Cosmographicum Fractalium - The tower of Kepler -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Pawn by MANDELWERK
The Pawn
- The infinitely replicating slugs of ignorance - Pawn of Slugs -

Surreal Fractal 3D printed Chess - The SET - IRL by MANDELWERK

The SET - At home at last...


All the pieces can be ordered here:…

The board is still under construction...

A big thanks to the beautiful minds, the mathematicians who made up all the 3D fractal formulas I have used for this set. Karl Menger, Bernhard Riemann, (and msltoe), Doug Bristor, Tom Lowe, Daniel White, Paul Nylander …and many many others.
And of course Jesse and Luca G for providing the tools to transform the formulas into real world objects!


My most unique fractal find until this day.
Do not miss out on my release event on Facebook this tuesday if you like the connection between fractals and the real world.
The revelation of my latest render, 3D print, animation and an unreleased musical piece from my solo project Musikprodukt. 
A VERY special find:…


Johan Andersson
Harvesting the infinite fields of virtual surreality in the parallel cosmos of 3D fractals.

Take a look at my 3D printed 3D fractal sculptures and jewelry at Shapeways:…

My Spotify playlist:…



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